Olympus Air



Olympus just announced a new Japan-only product that mimics what Sony did last year with their QX line. It’s a camera sensor and lens mount that’s controlled completely by your smartphone. The Air A01 uses a hot 16 megapixel micro four-thirds sensor and is compatible with all lenses for that system.

Sony had a lot of people scratching their heads when they devised this weird concept of strapping a bulbous cylinder to the backside of a phone. It worked with mixed results, and later they came out with a version that used interchangeable E-mount lenses. All-in-all, Americans didn’t quite bite. But the cameras fared better in Japan, which is why Olympus decided to limit the Air A01’s release to that country.

It looks like you’ll only get to try out the Air A01 if you live in Japan, unless it becomes such a hot seller that they migrate it over to the USA and europe.

Olympus hat eine neue Kamera vorgestellt, welche nur mit deinem Smartphone gesteuert werden kann.Die Air A01 benutzt eine 16-Megapixel mikro 3/4 Sensor und ist kompatibel mit alle Linsen für die Olympus Baureihe.

Leider wird sie anfangs nur in Japan in den Verkauf gehen und ist daher bei uns nicht erhältlich.

Hoffen wir sie ändern noch ihre Meinung.


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